• Laboratory semi-field and field tests to assess the potency and efficacy of larvicidal formulations based on Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (B.t.i.), Bacillus sphaericus, entomopathogenic fungi and IGR products in controlling mosquito larvae;
  • Laboratory semi-field and field tests to access the efficacy of repellents and adulticidal products against mosquitoe adults;
  • Colonies maintenance of mosquito species without the use of laboratory animals hosts (Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Culex pipiens);
  • Monitoring the degree of sensibility of mosquito populations to synthetic and microbiological products;
  • Vector capacity studies on mosquito species (in conjunction with the University of Modena);
  • Studies on the dispersal of mosquito in different ecosystems;
  • Studies on rice fields biocenoses and development of biological mosquito control strategies to be implemented in rice fields;
  • Assessments of new products and equipments for pest control on behalf of private companies;
  • Designing of specific equipment for distributing larvicide products;
  • Studies on the relationship between monitoring data and noxious level declared by the citizen in order to assess adulticide thresholds;
  • Possibility in exploiting the role of indigenous Copepods species in mosquito biocontrol;
  • Developing runneling techniques to improve the natural predatory activity of Aphanius fasciatus in coastal marshes;
  • Studies on the genetics and biology of Aedes albopictus populations in Italy (in conjunction with the Dept. of Genetics and Molecular Biology, Univ. of Rome);
  • Testing mass trapping efficacy and efficiency against Aedes albopictus;
  • Feasibility studies on the Sterile Insect Technique against Aedes albopictus;
  • Monitoring the diffusion of Aedes albopictus using Spatial Analysis.


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