With the collaboration of the Insect Pest Control Section of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna within the frame of the activities conducted as Collaborating Centre of the IAEA and with the support of the FP7 project “Research capacity for the implementation of genetic control of mosquitoes - INFRAVEC - 2009-2014” CAA is managing a permanent mosquito mass-rearing unit (MOSQUIMASS) established in Crevalcore.

MOSQUIMASS is organized for the mass rearing of all mosquito species of economic and sanitary importance, including genetically modified strains and pathogen infected mosquitoes. A BL3 security system is in place to allow mosquito rearing on fully safety condition.

MOSQUIMASS is organized to provide for a large spectrum of rearing condition in order to satisfy the possible experimental needs as required by the external entity. Climatic chambers are equipped to set temperature, photoperiod and relative humidity parameters in order to cover the whole biological range requirements of mosquitoes.

A variety of larval diets is available to satisfy any mosquito species exigencies.

Blood is supplied to mosquito females by thermostatic devices avoiding any laboratory animal use.

The MOSQUIMASS capacity is currently set at 200,000 mosquitoes/week, with the possibility of being expanded to a larger scale upon request.



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