The mosquito population monitoring is a fundamental activity to be considered a regular part of a scientifically based control program. The aim is to acquire data on presence, abundance, spatial and seasonal distribution of noxious species over the surveyed territory. The selection of the most appropriate monitoring method is not obvious and depend both on the target species and on the organizational level in which the monitoring program has to be worked out.

The use of CO2 baited traps for adult mosquito monitoring allows to:

  • Detect which mosquito species are present;
  • Evaluate the temporal and spatial variations of mosquito populations all over the season;
  • Evaluate the presence and population density of other ematophagous insects (black flies, sand flies, biting midges);
  • Estimate if the population density of mosquito species has locally overpassed the noxiousness/risk threshold, in order to provide reliable information for a correct use of adulticides.

The CAA is currently charged of the adult mosquito monitoring programs based on CO2 baited traps in two areas in which the control of the mosquito populations is particularly important, the Northern part of the Bologna province and the costal area of the Po Delta Regional Park (weekly activation) and in the Emilia-Romagna plain area with 72 CO2 traps and 16 gravid traps (activation every two weeks).



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