Centro Agricoltura Ambiente “Giorgio Nicoli” relies on the most up-to-date GIS (Geographic Information System) technology in order to assist the management of monitoring and disinfestation activities. The software programs used are ArcGIS 9.x and Open Source GIS (QGIS 2.x - http://www.qgis.org).

C.A.A. designs specific applications to make it easier for users (Municipal and Provincial authorities, Local Health Agencies) to manage and control disinfestation activities. They involve linking GIS software to databases (RDBMS) and downloading data from GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking devices positioned on operational units.

CAA is increasingly oriented toward the field use of GIS and GPS equipped palmtops with the aim of enhancing the data collection and management in the realm of entomology .

Services provided

  • Databases and GeoDatabases creation for the management of mosquito breeding sites.
  • Databases and GeoDatabases creation for the management of Aedes albopictus survey programs.
  • Theme maps production dealing with mosquito breeding sites and Aedes albopictus control.
  • Consultancy on the use of  ArcGis 9.x and QGIS 2.x  within the framework of the mosquito CONTROL projects.
  • Development of specific TOOLS for the management of monitoring activities and mapping for Mobile GIS (ArcPad).
  • Geostatistical studies on the monitoring of bloodsucking insects and production of Infestation and Nuisance Risk maps.
  • Monitoring and processing of data of disinfestation service providers via GPS-GIS.


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