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Culex pipiens is one of the most common mosquito in urban areas, it causes nuisance due to its biting behaviour, and it is the main vector of several human diseases, including West Nile Virus, St. Louis encephalitis, Sindbis, Rift Valley fever, Japanese encephalitis and lymphatic filariasis. Vector control by insecticides is the main tool to prevent these diseases and the insect growth regulator Diflubenzuron is one of the most effective mosquito larvicides used worldwide. Our study reports chitin synthase mutations in field caught Cx. pipiens which are associated with resistance to Diflubenzuron. It also characterizes those mutations by using CRISPR Cas9 recombination techniques, as well as it provides molecular diagnostics for detecting and monitoring diflubenzuron resistance in the field. Our findings raise more concerns for public health in view of the limited availability of alternative reliable biocides for mosquito control in Europe.

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