Effectiveness evaluation of six mosquito traps.

Calzolari M, L. Donati, A. Albieri, R. R. Bellini, F. DeFilippo et al.

“Emerging vector-borne disease: the role of Aedes mosquitoes”
9-10th May 2011, Cervia (RA), Italy

Evaluation of the attractiveness (number of species, specimens abundance) and of the quality of the sample obtained by different mosquito traps:1 modified CDC trap CO2 baited (CAA model) [CO2 CAA], 1 Gravid trapa [GT], CDC light trap [CDC], CDC light CO2 baited [CDC CO2], BG Sentinel with BG lure attractive and CO2 [BG CO2], BG Sentinel with BG lure [BG].


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