Palynology and archeo-botany

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In 1999, the Centro Agricoltura Ambiente activated a new research sector that mainly deals with archaeobotanical and aerobiological studies in their various implications, making use of collaborators who have gained twenty years of experience in the field.


The Laboratory is the vital center for the experimental activity in the field of botany; the activity is developed in various research areas that integrate and intersect with each other.


The laboratory equipment allows research and experimental activities applied in the various fields of archaeobotany and aerobiology. Over the years, new activities have been added to the traditional skills that have contributed to broadening the offer and growing the Laboratory, developing innovative aspects related to environmental issues.

Our services are available in the following fields:

  • Archeobotany
  • Archaeological parks and museums
  • Restoration of wet wood
  • Aerobiology
  • Pharcopalinology
  • Melissopalinology
  • Forensic botany / appraisals