Waste and biomass management

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CAA Giorgio Nicoli Srl, starting from 1994, carries out activities of support to Local Authorities, Managers and Area Authorities in the design, creation and management of Urban Waste collections, as well as control and monitoring of collection and sweeping services, waste analysis, tariff simulations, dissemination and awareness raising of household and school collection systems, promotion of community composting and self-composting.

The sector also promotes the re-use in agriculture of fertilizer materials coming from the recovery of organic waste matrices (biological sewage sludge and compost from differentiated collections), to restore biological fertility to agricultural soils and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

As far as composted materials are concerned, initiatives can be developed to spread knowledge of these products and opportunities agronomic related to their use, through the king development of informative and informative interventions, promoted by public bodies and composting companies.

In the sector of the re-use of sewage sludge, liaison activities are carried out between the producers and the agricultural companies that use the materials, providing both stakeholders with support and assistance in conducting the activities.

In this field of activity, since 2009, CAA has owned and operated a storage facility for biological sewage sludge destined for recovery in agriculture and three areas relating to this activity, in the territories of Bologna, Ferrara and Modena.