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Detection of Specific Antibodies against Toscana Virus among Blood Donors in Northeastern Italy and Correlation with Sand Fly Abundance in 2014

Morini S.; Calzolari M.; Rossini G.; Pascarelli N.; Porcellini A.; Randi V.; Re M.C.; Albieri A.; Bonilauri P.; Bellini R.; Ayhan N.; Charrel R.; Varani S.



Predicting the success of an invader: Niche shift versus niche conservatism

Sherpa S, Ma Guéguen, J Renaud, M G. B. Blum, T Gaude, F Laporte, M Akiner, B Alten, C Aranda, H Barre‐Cardi, R Bellini et al



The efficiency of a new automated mosquito larval counter and its impact on larval survival

Mamai W., H. Maiga, M. Gárdos, P. Bán, N. S. Bimbilé Somda, A. Konczal, T. Wallner, A. Parker, F. Balestrino, H. Yamada, J. R. L. Gilles & J. Bouyer