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Predicting the success of an invader: Niche shift versus niche conservatism

Sherpa S, Ma Guéguen, J Renaud, M G. B. Blum, T Gaude, F Laporte, M Akiner, B Alten, C Aranda, H Barre‐Cardi, R Bellini et al



The efficiency of a new automated mosquito larval counter and its impact on larval survival

Mamai W., H. Maiga, M. Gárdos, P. Bán, N. S. Bimbilé Somda, A. Konczal, T. Wallner, A. Parker, F. Balestrino, H. Yamada, J. R. L. Gilles & J. Bouyer



Focal distribution of diflubenzuron resistance mutations in Culex pipiens mosquitoes from Northern Italy.

Porretta D, E.A. Fotakis, V. Mastrantonio, A. Chaskopulou, A. Michaelakis, I. Kioulos, M. Weill, S. Urbanelli, J. Vontas, R. Bellini.



Phenotypic and genotypic pyrethroidresistance ofAedes albopictus, with focus onthe 2017 chikungunya outbreak in Italy

Pichler V, C Malandruccolo ,P Serini, R Bellini, F Severini, L Toma, M Di Luca, F Montarsi, M Ballardini, M Manica, V Petrarca, J Vontas, S Kasai, A della Torrea, B Caputo