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Arbovirus Screening in Mosquitoes in Emilia-Romagna (Italy, 2021) and Isolation of Tahyna Virus

Calzolari M, P Bonilauri, A Grisendi, G Dalmonte, A Vismarra, D Lelli, C Chiapponi, R Bellini, A Lavazza, M Dottori (more…)


Efficacy Evaluation of Oregano Essential Oil Mixed with Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis and Diflubenzuron against Culex pipiens and Aedes albopictus in Road Drains of Italy

Giatropoulos A, Bellini R, Pavlopoulos DT, Balatsos G, Karras V, Mourafetis F, Papachristos DP, Karamaouna F, Carrieri M, Veronesi R, Haroutounian SA, Michaelakis A.   (more…)


Infravec2 guidelines for the design and operation of containment level 2 and 3 insectaries in Europe

Pondeville E, A Failloux, F Simard, P Volf, A Crisanti, RE Haghighat-Khah, N Busquets, F Xavier Abad, A J Wilson, R Bellini, S Marsh Arnaud, A Kohl & E Veronesi (more…)


A Mark-Release-Recapture Study to Estimate Field Performance of Imported Radio-Sterilized Male Aedes albopictus in Albania

Velo E, Balestrino F, Kadriaj P, Carvalho DO, Dicko A, Bellini R, Puggioli A, Petrić D, Michaelakis A, Schaffner F, Almenar D, Pajovic I, Beqirllari A, Ali M, Sino G, Rogozi E, Jani V, Nikolla A, Porja T, Goga T, Fălcuă E, Kavran M, Pudar D, Mikov O, Ivanova-Aleksandrova N, Cvetkovikj A, Akıner MM, Mikovic R, Tafaj L, Bino S, Bouyer J and Mamai W  (more…)


Tracking Asian tiger mosquito introductions in the Netherlands using Nextstrain

A. Ibáñez-Justicia, B. van de Vossenberg, T. Warbroek, S. Teekema, F. Jacobs, T. Zhao, R. Bueno-Mari, C. Aranda, E. Flacio, A. Chaskopoulou, A. Albieri, and A. Stroo