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A Case for Systematic Quality Management in Mosquito Control Programmes in Europe

Michaelakis A, Balestrino F, Becker N, Bellini R, Caputo B, della Torre A, Figuerola J, L’Ambert G, Petric D, Robert V, Roiz D, Saratsis A, Sousa CA, Wint WGR, Papadopoulos NT



Reduction in Egg Fertility of Aedes albopictus Mosquitoes in Greece Following Releases of Imported Sterile Males

Balatsos, G.; Puggioli, A.;Karras, V.; Lytra, I.; Mastronikolos, G.;Carrieri, M.; Papachristos, D.P.;Malfacini, M.; Stefopoulou, A.;Ioannou, C.S.; et al.