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Enhanced West Nile Virus Circulation in the Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy Regions (Northern Italy) in 2018 Detected by Entomological Surveillance

Calzolari M, Angelini P, Bolzoni L, Bonilauri P, Cagarelli R, Canziani S, Cereda D, Cerioli MP, Chiari M, Galletti G, Moirano G, Tamba M, Torri D, Trogu T, Albieri A, Bellini R and Lelli D



Detection of Specific Antibodies against Toscana Virus among Blood Donors in Northeastern Italy and Correlation with Sand Fly Abundance in 2014

Morini S.; Calzolari M.; Rossini G.; Pascarelli N.; Porcellini A.; Randi V.; Re M.C.; Albieri A.; Bonilauri P.; Bellini R.; Ayhan N.; Charrel R.; Varani S.