The Entomology Department carries out efficacy testing of mosquito larvicides (biological and growth regulator compounds) and repellents both in laboratory, semi-field and field conditions.

Laboratory tests may be conducted during the winter months using the colonies of the species requested, maintained under standard controlled condition in the climatic chambers of the entomology laboratory.

The mosquitoes specie maintained at the moment is Aedes albopictus (strains originated from eggs collected in the field in the Northern Italy, Germany, Greece, Portugal). In order to standardize the tests, the staff of entomologists follows precise guidelines drawn up by the World Health Organization.

The bioassays can be conducted in different environments depending on the requests of the customer:

  •   In the laboratory
  •   In semi-field (e.g. tests performed in bins or large-enclosures)
  •   In the field (e.g. tests performed in catch basins, in public green areas, in canals)

CAA also conducts eco-toxicity tests to non-target species in field conditions.

At the conclusion of the bioassays statistical analysis and reports are provided.
For quotation requests, please contact Dr. Romeo Bellini.